We Must Act Now

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Social change doesn’t occur without MOVEMENT.

We can’t rely on others to fix our nation’s problems because WE are the OTHERS. Change won’t happen without ordinary people and communities standing in unison to demand DEMOCRATIC PRACTICES / EQUITY / JUSTICE /  ACCOUNTABILITY and FREEDOM.
When “we, the people” are unhealthy, struggling, marginalized, uneducated, and vulnerable, it’s harder to organize for social change. It’s harder to organize for equity, and it’s harder to exercise power. We need strong, healthy, and educated communities where historically marginalized people have equitable access to power, resources, and legal protection. 
When the most vulnerable in our society are lifted up, we ALL win. We ALL benefit. You can help bring about this vision by getting involved in a number of ways.

This list of resources can help you get started with or dive deeper into advocacy, community organizing, politics, and promoting awareness.


Know who represents you at the local, state, and federal level

Contact your representatives

Register to vote

Help register others to vote through You Can Vote or a similar organization

Familiarize yourself with the NC General Assembly website:

 Legislative calendarHouse calendarSenate calendarLearn how to find bills and legislation / Find a House or Senate committee / Subscribe to committee email updates

Run for office or support a campaign:

NC Candidate Filing / Orange County Board of ElectionsFederal Election Commission / Emily’s List


Spend time learning about one issue and then TALK about it!

Attend a workshop or training:

Racial Equity Institute

Consider what it means to call yourself an “ally” 

Guide to Allyship


Talk to kids about diversity in all its forms:

“The Uncomfortable Truth About Children’s Books”

Have difficult conversations:

Better Angels


Read the Indivisible Guide / Learn how to organize at the local level / Sign a petition or start your own / Find groups and organizations to join or support


Hillsborough town calendar / Orange County Board of Education calendar / Orange County Board of Commissioners calendar / Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board / UNC Board of Trustees UNC Board of Governors /


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