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Healthcare for Everyone

A short film featuring audio excerpts from a speech given by Dr. Aparna Jonnal at the Healthcare for All, Y’all event that was held in Chapel Hill, NC on Nov. 14, 2017. Dr. Jonnal is an emergency physician and primary care provider. She talks about how she believes providing healthcare to all U.S. citizens can help unite our fragmented and deeply divided society.

WATCH:  “Weaving Together Our Unraveling Society” 



HPTA Six-Month Anniversary

Is it possible for activists to get together and leave their activism at home?  So far, not for HPTA!  So, it was inevitable that the 6-month anniversary social event would be combined with a march to support National Improved Medicare for All.  Maybe if we work at it, we’ll be able to relax by the time our 1-year anniversary rolls around.  It’s not looking good at this point — there’s too much work to be done! Continue reading HPTA Six-Month Anniversary