Hillsborough Divestment Petition

Dear Community Members,

If you identify as a stakeholder in Hillsborough, please sign our petition asking the town to divest from SunTrust.

The town Board of Commissioners just approved a clean energy resolution to make Hillsborough 100% clean energy by 2050, the first of its kind among towns in NC. Asking the town to divest its money from SunTrust, which supports harmful environmental practices, aligns with the spirit of the resolution and holds the town accountable for their commitment to the environment.


Please email us at HPTAction@gmail.com if you have any questions about the petition or divestment issues.

–Hillsborough Clean Investment Coalition/HPTA

Hillsborough Clean Investment Coalition (HCIC)


We are a group of citizens who are concerned about climate change, and DO NOT WANT to support the big banks that invest in fossil fuels anymore!

To that end, we have two ongoing campaigns:

Individual Divestment

Divestment means the opposite of investment. It means removing your money or resources from an entity such as a bank or an industry. It is similar to boycotting. Banks such as Wells Fargo, SunTrust, Bank of America, and JP Morgan all invest in fossil fuel projects such as the Dakota Access Pipeline. The HCIC believes in the science about climate change, it is happening at an alarming rate and our continued dependence on fossil fuels and pipelines is harmful. It is time to switch to clean energy.

Hillsborough Clean Investment Coalition at Hillsborough Art Council’s “Last Friday” Event, April 2017

Our current political administration seems quite beholden to fossil fuels, and we need to oppose them strongly. But also, there are powerful actions we can take on our own. One is simply to move our money out of the big banks that support pipelines and into credit unions of community development banks. This is what is considered individual divestment. Lately it seems that money has a louder voice than our votes, calls and letters. Let’s get the big banks and fossil fuel industry where in counts, in their pockets!

In our area, we are fortunate to have many options where we can bank. Below is a list of credit unions and banks that have all stated they do not invest in fossil fuels. When you put your money into one of these organizations, and it starts to grow, they re-invest into our local communities, helping local businesses and the underserved. You can bank with your conscience!

Self-Help Credit Union

Coastal Federal Credit Union

Latino Community Credit Union (Do not have to be Latino to join!)

Truliant Federal Credit Union

Vision Financial Federal Credit Union

State Employees Credit Union (For state employees and families)

M&F Bank (Minority-owned; Dedicated to underserved)

If you are looking for help with socially responsible investing, check out Durham-based Trillium Asset Management.

Town Divestment

The second part of our campaign is to approach the Hillsborough Town Board of Commissioners this summer and ask them to divest from SunTrust into a more ethical bank. SunTrust currently funds the Dakota Access Pipeline, and we are optimistic that our progressive town will agree to bank with an organization that is better in line with our values.

Here’s how YOU can help:

✓ Divest from your big bank and TELL US ABOUT IT!

✓ Spread the word about HCIC and divestment in your close circle, your community, your church, etc.

✓ Sign our petition to present to the Board of Commissioners (paper and online).

✓ Find us on our Facebook community page (Hillsborough Clean Investment Coalition) and join us — we will need your help!

✓ Email us at hcic@gmail.com for more information.

✓ Support our parent organization, Hillsborough Progressives Taking Action. Visit our public Facebook page.

HCIC Flyer

HCIC Pamphlet

HPTA at the Eno River Farmer’s market, encouraging people to invest cleanly = DIVEST!
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