Felony Disenfranchisement

Trying to register to vote as an active felon is a felony in and of itself in North Carolina.


In North Carolina, convicted felons lose their right to partake in the political process — their right to vote is taken away from them. This is essentially a form of civil death. Once individuals who have been convicted of a felony have completed the terms of their sentence, including restitution, their right to vote is automatically restored in NC. Yet, felons who are on probation, for example, are denied the right to vote even if they are working, going to school, and living in our community.

Know Your Voting Rights: A Misdemeanant & Ex-Felon’s Guide to Voting in North Carolina (NC State Board of Elections)


This is not a unique policy, by any means. Learn more about felony disenfranchisement throughout the nation:


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