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HPTA Six-Month Anniversary

Is it possible for activists to get together and leave their activism at home?  So far, not for HPTA!  So, it was inevitable that the 6-month anniversary social event would be combined with a march to support National Improved Medicare for All.  Maybe if we work at it, we’ll be able to relax by the time our 1-year anniversary rolls around.  It’s not looking good at this point — there’s too much work to be done! Continue reading HPTA Six-Month Anniversary

HPTA Update — 7/16/17

Dear HPTA community members,

Thanks for checking out our second weekly update. It’s tempting some days to throw in the towel, but if we’re not out there trying to claim power and demanding fair representation, no one will do it for us. Thus, we push on!

Here are some HPTA initiatives HPTA:

  • The Fixing Democracy team will be at the Last Friday’s event in Hillsborough on July 28. Look for their booth and creative educational material on gerrymandering (impartial redistricting).
  • We are starting to get involved in and organized around upcoming local elections (school board, county commission). Lillian’s List is offering the Jamie Kirk Hahn Academy, a campaign manager training school.
  • Members of HPTA and other groups met with @thatJenJones, the Director of Digital Communications and Strategy at Democracy NC. They recommended getting involved as a Digital Democracy Defender. #ncpol     #ncga

HPTA Events:

HPTA members on Fb should visit the calendar of events for more information about:

  • Our weekly meet-and-greets
  • Our free intro Tai Chi class that generally meets in the morning once a week
  • Upcoming HPTA six month anniversary picnic

If you are in HPTA but not on Fb, please email for more information.

Community Events:

Curious About Twitter? 

At the end of this email/post, there is a list of possible Twitter handles you may want to “follow”.

Recent News/Articles of Interest

We are looking for volunteers to help us with:

  • Writing short articles for our website
  • Working on our local elections team
  • Social media campaigns
  • Event management and scheduling
  • Light accounting/bookkeeping duties
  • Chairing/leading/organizing committees
  • Building a citizen lobby team and strategy
  • Creating action alerts on CivicRise for HPTA
  • Growing our care team (to provide support to HPTA members in crisis or during difficult times)

To get involved, send us an email at with your interests, and download the CivicRise app to receive our action alerts.

Your phone calls, emails, and visits to the legislature are counted and noticed. Your visibility in the movement shows our leaders that we are still watching, we are coordinated, and we are more motivated than ever. Your participation in the movement demonstrates that the people of North Carolina will NOT be SILENCED.

Do not forget that each and every one of your voices counts. When you speak up, you speak for more than just yourself–you speak for those who are unable to do so safely. So SPEAK UP and SPEAK OUT.

Let’s rise up together and make some noise.

~HPTA Steering Committee~


Check out these Twitter Handles:

  • News of Orange County @NewsofOrange
  • Mark Schultz @HeraldSunEditor
  • Roy Cooper, Governor, @RoyCooperNC
  • Josh Stein, Attorney General, @JoshStein_
  • Penny Rich, County Commissioner, @pennyrich
  • Tom Stevens, Mayor of Hillsborough, @mayortomstevens
  • Jennifer Weaver, Town Commissioner, @Jenn_E_Weaver
  • Renee Price, County Commissioner, @reneeprice20121
  • Mark Marcoplos, County Commissioner, @mmarcoplos
  • Todd Wirt, Orange County Schools Superintendent, @toddwirt
  • Democracy NC @democracyNC
  • Progress NC Action @progressNow_NC
  • Equality NC @equalitync
  • NARAL Pro-Choice NC @NARALNC
  • NC Policy Watch @NCPolicyWatch
  • NC Justice Center @ncjustice
  • NC NAACP @ncnaacp
  • Rev. Dr. Barber, NC NAACP President, @RevDrBarber
  • John Locke Foundation @JohnLockeNC
  • Civitas Institute @NCCivitas
  • House Democrats @HouseDemocrat
  • Donald Trump @realDonaldTrump
  • Richard Burr, US Senate, @SenatorBurr
  • Thom Tillis, US Senate @SenThomTillis
  • David Price, US House, @RepDavidEPrice
  • NC General Assembly @NCLeg
  • NC Democratic Party @NCDemParty
  • NC Republican Party @NCGOP
  • NC House Dems @NCHouseDems
  • NC Senate Dems @NCSenateDems
  • Graig Meyer, NC House, @GraigMeyer