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A handmade HPTA sign hangs in the window at Weaver Street Market during a group meeting


WELCOME to our community of activists

based in Hillsborough and

northern Orange County, North Carolina!









The members of our growing grassroots movement share the belief that all people should:

  • Be represented by their government through a fair democratic process
  • Have equitable access to our nation’s wealth, power, education, and healthcare

In this current sociopolitical environment, we have a unique opportunity to bring about sustainable systematic change.

We are collectively leveraging our passions, skills, abilities, and resources into effective actions.

Please help us bring about this vision while we still have a chance.

This is our moment, our movement, our time to reclaim power!
This is our chance to rise for our county and our future!
Make your voice heard!

Take action now!

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Sign displayed on the sidewalk in downtown Hillsborough

The “Progressive” in HPTA 

For the purpose of the HPTA community, the term “Progressive” refers to the general belief that an equitable distribution of wealth and resources should be prioritized among governments and institutions.

No Political Affiliation

HPTA is NOT affiliated with any political party, nor does HPTA endorse local, state, or national candidates or parties. Our focus is specific to legislative issues and their corresponding resolutions.

How it all began . . . 

Hillsborough Progressives Taking Action (HPTA) started with a few local individuals who wanted to carry forward the momentum from the historical Women’s Marches that, on January 21, 2017, marked strong national resistance to oppression and inequality. HPTA began with a few online posts, some enthusiastic exchanges, and then rapidly expanded into a structured group of over 500 individuals who have a stake in the well-being of the wider Hillsborough community. Our group can be found in the Indivisible Guide among many other activist groups in the Triangle area of North Carolina.


This is the place HPTA calls home — Hillsborough and Northern Orange County, North Carolina! (images by Nan Fulcher)