We are the 99% — Raise Your Voice for DEMOCRACY!



Most of our nation’s wealth and power is held by only 1% of the population – what does that mean for the rest of us?

The 1% vs. The 99%

Control of political and economic power in the U.S. is held by an extremely small number of individuals — referred to as “the 1%”.

The rest of us — “the 99%” — are at the mercy of public policies where PROFIT is favored over the human condition

The 1%

  • BENEFIT from illness, crime, poor education, pollution, and suffering . . . they run health insurance companies, prison services, heavy-polluting industries, and low-wage manufacturing/service industries.
  • Seek to SUPRESS individual rights in order to maximize profit.
  • are EMPOWERED by the normalization of oppressive and hateful rhetoric — it foments division, systemic discrimination, and violence.

The 99%

  • Many are SUFFERING from poverty, crime, and insufficient education and health services, but have no way to change their situation because they have no voice in their own government.
  • DESERVE fair government representation and actualization of civil rights
  • DESERVE healthcare services as an individual right
  • MUST UNITE to dismantle the grip of “the 1%” on power and resources!

WATCH THIS:    Inequality Media explores the 1%



  1.  Identify the root causes behind the social and political disruptions that affect “the 99%”, such as policies/laws that threaten the health, safety, freedom, education, and rights of individuals.

2. Support legislative actions that offer sustainable solutions or reform

HPTA United We Stand

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