HPTA – Posterized!

HPTA United We Stand

I didn’t set out to make a poster, but somehow this came together.

It ended up being an effective way to visually encapsulate the core beliefs of our organization and the things we stand for, based on some of the protest slogans and images that have been used around the country.

Even so, it was a challenge to represent all viewpoints given the space limitations and varied interests of our group.  I focused on the issues for which we have active initiatives, and then worked outward from there. Inevitably, this compilation will always fall short of representing EVERYTHING our members are passionate about, so I like to think of it more like a snapshot.

Thank you to all for input, suggestions, and comments.  Thru many revisions, here is the version for HPTA’s SIX-MONTH anniversary!

We are already getting requests for a T-shirt version of this, so stay tuned!