HPTA Six-Month Anniversary

Is it possible for activists to get together and leave their activism at home?  So far, not for HPTA!  So, it was inevitable that the 6-month anniversary social event would be combined with a march to support National Improved Medicare for All.  Maybe if we work at it, we’ll be able to relax by the time our 1-year anniversary rolls around.  It’s not looking good at this point — there’s too much work to be done!

Our event at HOT TIN ROOF was very successful.  We were able bring all ages together, have a great pot-luck, a sing-a-long, an anniversary cake, and maybe a couple grown-up drinks.

Many of us are now on board with having a semi-regular “MORAL MONDAY”  meet-up at HOT TIN ROOF. !!

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March for Medicare for All – Hillsborough

Medicare for all

March for Medicare for All – Hillsborough