Opening Night – NC Gallery of Gerrymandering


Gakk@4xThe debut of HPTA’s North Carolina Gallery of Gerrymandering featured many of Hillsborough’s finest up-and-coming artists! The Fixing Democracy Team hosted a booth at Hillsborough Arts Council’s “Last Fridays” event on July 28th , 2017.

Each visitor picked a gerrymandered district outline and envisioned what the shape could be. We certainly got our fair share of zoological oddities, mythical creatures, and amusing shapes! There were dragons, turtles, striped elephants, snakes, whales, poodles, skunks, kittens, sharks, and some kind of dinosaur think wearing a wig(?). Of particular interest was the now-famous McKissick Moodeerelk, which has been mailed directly to District 20 Senator Floyd McKissick Jr. in Durham.

The creativity was not dampened by the weather, although some of the pages might have gotten a little smeary.



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We also passed out postcards for people to write their elected officials in support of fair redistricting legislation.  




Check out HPTA’s information on gerrymandering — Fair Democracy